Saturday, May 9, 2009

new feeling

NYC is quite tired
and I think its about time I go back.
I love the city.
But I think its time to see some familiar faces
Ones that really put me at ease.
People I 100% trust.
I feel like the 'old' Van is coming back.
The one that is sharp
but I will try to continue to not be so critical.
I feel like I'm making progress in a lot of things.
And I'm done being the victim.
New York chewed me out.
Hopefully I can take full advantage of Utah.
But I plan to enter the gay scene again.
Head first.
No pun intended.
I just feel like I'm not taken seriously
and I guess its kind of my fault cuz I'm so careful about my social life
people not meeting over people
i've just been hurt alot