Thursday, April 16, 2009


Breaking up is always hard.
An icy feeling always comes over me.
Even one's that don't last very long.
The dramatic life of Van as everyone says.
I'm a regular circus show.

Maybe I just have to much going on.
I just decided to end it.
It wasn't hard.
We exchanged words.
We exchanged feelings.
And they didn't match up.
I always feel bad.
I didn't break it.
He didn't break it.
Time broke it.
Maybe it could of been different. But that's life.

I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs so much.
They always have a song that can catch my mood.
Hysteric really connects to me right now.
Even though it's about finding your soulmate.
I find that it relates.
I feel like I did something wrong. Deep down.
"I like you alot.. I just hope over the break you'll find out you like me back."
Maybe you are right Sean.
It was fun.

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